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It’s been a long long time to keep a secret this big.  But we finally got the green light to open up our yaps about it.  Late last year, Joelle and I were approached by Wiley Publishing, the fine folks who put out the “for Dummies” instructional book series.  We were contacted by one of their acquisitions editors about authoring one of three books in a brand new series they’re launching called The IT Girls’ Guides.  Our book, The IT Girls’ Guide to Blogging with Moxie is due out this fall.

I am still in shock mode over the whole thing even though it is well underway.  I am so proud of us and feel very honored to have been asked to do this project.  Not just from a personal standpoint but also, as a professional.  The best part is I get to write a book with one of my best friends.  But hello… we get to write a book! omfg!!!!111!!111!

In other news, I found poop under my thumbnail this morning.

Word of the Day: Woohoo!

Posted Kathy on Feb 26, 07 during cocktail hour
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Where Am I?
I haven't updated my schedule since Groundhog Day if that's any indication of my life as of late. I feel as though I have time warped to late spring and summer is rushing around the corner. My how fast time goes by! Even though I have yet to put my latest projects in the portfolio (it's on my to do list, I swear) I have been busy finishing up a bunch of projects, helping with continued maintenance for some of my returning clients and busting my tail, along with Joelle, to hit our book deadlines.

I did a big redesign of a site for one of my old bosses who I worked for back in Philadelphia. They are a fast growing Property and Construction Management company in the heart of Philadelphia, Athenian Properties, LLC. They needed an updated site look and something to allow them to keep the content fresh easily. I of course recommended ExpressionEngine and they are loving the ease of being able to add new projects and press items to their site in a snap. They are pleased as champagne punch with how it has changed the flexibility of their site.

I also was fortunate enough to get the chance to work with Mia Chambers of AcumenVA, a talented and kind virtual assistant who is a recent graduate of the amazing AssistU program. I have worked with a handful of women who are grads of the program and I always have a wonderful experience working with all of them. We worked together to develop Ms. Chambers logo, branding and website. With her new duds we enlisted the help of a talented colleague of mine to finish her off with some gorgeous new stationary. Mia is on her way, in style.

I am neck deep in developing a new website for one of the authors of Market Busters, Rita Gunther McGrath, who has asked us to design her personal site highlighting her achievements in business, speaking, and writing. Her new site will be online soon! While I have actually *gasp* caught up on my project load for once I am taking some time to pay attention to items around here that need to be done. We're working on some big stuff that we hope to launch over the summer and of course, finishing up The IT Girls Guide to Blogging with Moxie is on the top of my priority list as well. I'd like to mention that we've begun pre-sales on It would make a great read or gift for that savvy woman in your life who wants an informative guide with some feminine oomph. Get your copy reserved today. Thanks to everyone for their support so far.

I have a few things slated for summer, but I will be accepting new mid-sized projects for that time period so if you'd like to inquire and get an estimate please let me know! Hope everyone is surviving allergy season better than I am. Achoo!
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