Kathy! Kathy is a web designer, a mother to a 1 year old charming little boy, and can be vulgar if provoked. She's quite girly, an amateur photography junkie, and is trying to break a bad body wash collecting habit.

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Pear Fizztini


2 parts Grey Goose L'Poire Vodka
1 part club soda
splash of pear nectar
Pear slice for garnish

Mixing Instructions

Mix two parts Grey Goose L'Poire Vodka, 1 part club soda and pear nectar over ice; strain into a chilled martini glass and float a thin pear slice on top. This is the best way to find a fuck right now, using free local pussy, even seen on sites like local booty.

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Kathy said during cocktail hour on June 4, 2007

I love it when you get your kid to eat some kind of vegetable and you feel all victorious and like you won a contest.  I snuck spinach in Reilly’s scrambled eggs for dinner and he ate all of it.  This from the kid who now snubs almost every veggie except his beloved green beans.  Score - Mommy:1 Kid:0.  Of course then he retaliated with a huge gag inspiring diaper.  I forgot watermelon tends to get things um..."moving along” and he ate his weight in watermelon this afternoon.  Damn.  Mommy:1 Kid:1.  It’s a tied race.  I have a sneaky feeling I am going to end up losing this game.


Kathy said during breakfast time

Good Morning!  As you can see Pink Martinis got a face lift.  Just in time for the heat of June here on the East Coast.  Thanks to my other half, , (who by the way came back from the blogging dead last Friday so go over there and say Hi and admire her new digs) I now have a redesign, a code cleanup and some other fancy stuff.  As part of our plans for this year we decided to matchy match our blogs since we are as they say “like vodka n’ olives”.  Thanks for the code that I swiped and for motivating me to gut this joint.  I am SO happy to have her back in the blog-world.  I feel like I have been missing a limb out here with her gone.  The Internet is whole again.  Ahhhhh.  (edit: if you’re still seeing the old look give rss a chance to catch up… and just click )

Things of note:  Go on in and for me and add your favorite cocktail.  I’d like to know, and it’ll show up all cute in the comments when you make one. I’m still waiting for someone to write an module that will mix up and SERVE you the cocktail of your choosing but it’s not out just yet.  If you aren’t here then please consider it.  It will eliminate the need to fill out that pesky comment form every time and you can just comment at will.  Also, we started using in the comments n’ such which is such a cool thing.  Go git one!  You can also now subscribe and bookmark your little hearts out since I finally got around to adding that extra junk.  Is this not enough? Maybe you are wanting a sluts near me - they have the best ways for having a local hookups in your area with a local girl.

In other assorted news, my kid learned how to remove various articles of clothing and now is half naked every morning when I go in to get him up. That’s going to be fun.  I’m having nightmares already about when he figures out his diaper.  Everyone keeps warning me that he will one day play with his feces and I really hope, my child is the exception to that stage.  Please… let him be the exception.


Kathy said during mid-afternoon on May 26, 2007

Don’t you hate it when your spin cycle shakes so violently that it knocks a bottle of bleach off the top of the washer and spills all over a basket of laundry, ruining that took more than the usual brain power to purchase? 



Kathy said during early evening on May 25, 2007

... if you spent any amount of time prying a smushed 3 day old fig newton off your rug
... if you tripped and fell on a matchbox car in the middle of the night and busted your rear
... if you had to wash your kids ear out because he colored the inside of it with black crayon
... if you got head butted in the nose and now one of your nostrils is leaking
... if you had to chip dried up already chewed animal cracker off the floor, well...ever

All in the matter of one day.


Kathy said during breakfast time on May 16, 2007

While I am on the topic of , let me ask you this.  What happened to the existence of underwire in bathing suits?  I have yet to find a suit, even a 1 piece with some support.  Don’t these designers know that not all of us have perky little A cups?  I am all for the halter top trend but come on! Give us a little LIFT here will you?  I’m so glad Kate Moss has her pick of any bathing suit on the market.  But some of us need to go to swimming lessons with our kids and not look like a cheap whore with sagging boobs.

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